Homestuck Scalemate Plushie Pattern

Scalemate plushie tutorial part 1. The head welcome to my scalemate tutorial. The pattern design is mine, but you are free to make these squishy friends yourself. My friend has wanted a scalemate plushie for a while now so i. M making one for him as a birthday present. Your pattern will be a great help as now i don. T have to draw my own.

Scalemate sewing tutorial part 1 scalemate sewing tutorial part 2 scalemate sewing pattern pg. 1 scalemate sewing pattern pg. 2 scalemate sewing pattern pg. 3 scalemate sewing pattern pg. 4 scalemates are from homestuck, a web. Comic written by andrew hussie and belong to him. Our scalemates social network. Gives you specific features for scale modelers. Adding products to your wishlist, starting a new project, identifying your favorite colors, and many another advantage is that you can keep your private life and scale modeling life seperate.

Create your new best friend and carry them around with you, perched on your shoulder, with this dragon sewing pattern. This dragon plush is designed to sit nicely on a shoulder, but can also stand on its own and look like it is jumping. Crochet scalemate pattern. S scalemates from homestuck.

My scalemate plushie made of fleece fabric. 9 inches tall scalemate sewing tutorial part 1 scalemate sewing tutorial part 2 scalemate sewing pattern pg. Find this pin and more on dragons and scalemates by allyson lomker. I did not make the pattern, i found it on the internet but i believe it has been deleted.

Our soft and fluffy scalemate plush is even now more adorable in miniature. Clip them where you please and never be without a trusted sidekick. Mspa, mspaintadventures, scalemate, tutorial, plushie, eyes5. Would you like to go back to part 1. S time to make the body, starting with attaching the scalemate. S contrasting belly color.