Azuras Star Skyrim Who To Bring It To

This section contains bugs related to azura. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following. Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening. If you get the black star, you are defiling a good daedras artifact. Defiling artifacts is bad, every time. And serving azura is good.

Who should i take azura. S star to in skyrim. Started by dcmann2, nov 20,. D explain it, but there. Bandits and forsworn work just as well so even if you. Re playing a good character the black star is still ok. Azura is a daedra, after all, and even though she is one of the nicer ones there. S nothing morally wrong with crossing her.

You get the black star if you turn it into the elf mage guy. S star if you turn it into the priestess. The black star is supposed to only accept human souls, which are always grand. Now i have to make a choice should i take it to aranea or should i take it to nelacar. I was thinking i would take it to nelacar since it would than be able to accept human souls.

S star is a quest item in the elder scrolls v. S star is found in ilinalta. S deluge within ilinalta. Edit article how to find azura. S star is a powerful daedric artifact that functions a lot like regular soul gems, except that it is not destroyed after enchanting items or recharging enchanted items.