Anguk Station To Bukchon

The bukchon cultural center is a hanok. Korean style building. That promotes the history and values of the traditional korean bukchon hanok village. The building was sold to the city of seoul and reopened on october 29, as the bukchon traditional culture center. Surrounded by gyeongbokgung palace, changdeokgung palace and jongmyo shrine, bukchon hanok village is home to hundreds of traditional houses, called hanok, that date back to the joseon dynasty. The name bukchon, which literally translates to. Northern village, came about as the neighborhood lies.

The picturesque neighbourhood of we started to lost in the maze. Like alleys after the second bukchon view but able to get back to the correct route, thanks to a pretty korean teacher who also came for bukchon hanok village 8 views visit with a group of cute students. After the 2nd view, make a u. Turn and when you reach. Two way roads, go up the slope of your right. The oppose direction on where you came from. Tap on the above map to see the walking steps from anguk station exit 2 to the bukchon hanok village. Tap the marker on the map to see the street view of that location to help you to know which direction you should go toward the bukchon hanok village.

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