Low Level Mage Pvp Spec

Let me know what class you wanna see next. Also, should all my pvp videos be this length. Or like full matches. Inform me, please and thank you. When playing against a restoration druid, ring of frost is the best choice in this tier. Druids are difficult to get crowd control on as a frost mage, and ring of frost helps with this.

M getting absolutely smasht in random bgs. Ve been getting rolled since i started. Assuming too much hasn. T changed, it gets huge aoe numbers. I remember someone commenting that my level 40 fire mage put out more dps than some 80s. S back to being a viable raid spec, should put out high single.

Hey fellow mages, first time mage player here and i wanted to ask the community which spec is best for highest damage at lower levels. I feel like frost is a bit underwhelming, fire or arcane seem a bit better to me. S ultimate beginner. Making the skill tree less scary basic tips tricks.

My mage is currently level 68, i leveled him through basically only pvp. I have master of warsong gulch on him. Frost is the best imo, you can kill almost anything without them touching you, they. Re slowed or frozen. Of the time, especially with your water elemental and his freeze cast. I know low level doesn. T count for anything, however, i do like to bg a little whilst levelling, and i intend on making a mage purely to boost from 60 90 for proffs. Pvp, but so much has changed since then.

Post by yobo how viable is arcane spec in the 29 twink braket. My mage is currently a level 29 with. Spell damage and im frost. I am thinking about respecing into arcane and spamming arance missles with ae. Good luck with any of them in low level pvp. You want an sv hunter, ret pally or disc priest. Pretty much everything else is trash compared to those 3 specs.