Accented First Syllable Examples

These words have three syllables. The primary stress is on the first syllable. Sentence stress pattern. These are the stressed words in the sentence. Syllable words, nouns, adjectives, and adverbs are usually stressed on the first syllable. Syllable verbs are usually stressed on the second syllable. Some words, called heteronyms, change part of speech when the stressed syllable moves.

Once you learn how to mark accented syllables in words, your readers will know how to pronounce the words they read verbally. Separate syllables by hyphens or spaces. For example, separate the words. With hyphens and the words. The first syllable of a word is the initial syllable and the last syllable is the final syllable. In languages accented on one of the last three syllables, the last syllable is called the ultima, the next. Last is called the penult, and the third syllable from the end is called the antepenult.

A syllable that is stressed in pronunciation is called an accented syllable. The accent often changes the meaning of words which otherwise would be pronounced or even spelled alike. The word object when accented on the first syllable is a noun. When accented on the second syllable it is a verb. In words of more than one syllable, the accented syllable is the one that you put the stress on when you pronounce it. For example, coffee is accentuated on the first syllable, while café is accentuated on the last, as in french or spanish.

A syllable with a schwa vowel can never be accented e. About, attack, abet. The first syllable in these words is unaccented due to a schwa vowel. Mother, father, doctor. The second syllable is unaccented because there is a schwa vowel in it. Has an accented first syllable. The first syllable, ac. Similarly, the word. Also has an accented or stressed first syllable.

Verbs in the first and third conjugation. Are always accented on the next to last syllable. In the second conjugation. Some are accented on the third to last. Credere, comprendere, aggiungere, etc. Follow the general rule. Try these examples to hear the accented first syllable. Ic able accents are usually placed on one of the first 2 syllables in a 3 syllable word. Listen for the accent in these longer words.