Promys For Teachers

Sign up here to be notified by email when the. Promys for teachers application becomes available. Typically in early january. Purpose promys for teachers. Engages secondary school teachers in an intensive experience of mathematical exploration. Over the course of six weeks, promys teachers develop, through problem. Solving, many classical results in number theory.

Immersion in mathematics most of the footage for this video was filmed during the. Summer session of promys for teachers. Will be the thirteenth consecutive summer that a group of promys teachers have developed a curriculum and facilitated the one. Week professional development session in park city for other in.

Participants in promys for teachers. An immersion in mathematics for secondary teachers. Promys for teachers. Is a collaboration between boston university. S department of mathematics and the education development center. In waltham, massachusetts. Week summer program that engages middle high school teachers in an intensive experience of problem solving and open. Ended mathematical exploration.