Ethiopian Embassy Washington Dc Power Of Attorney

We provide two options to complete your wukilina no matter what u. State you reside in. First option is the online option. 47 second option is the manual. We process documents from all 50 u. States including the u. Department of state in washington, dc. The secretary of the district of columbia, and select embassy consulate offices.

The embassy has jurisdiction over the united kingdom. England, wales, scotland and north ireland. Opening times, monday. 3pm, unless otherwise advised. Find information on ethiopian visas, passports, and other consular services. Power of attorney document authenticated by the state secretary office in which the applicant is residing and then authentication of the same document by the u. Department of state. 95 per document payable to the embassy of ethiopia in money order. A completed application.

If you are a holder of valid ethiopian passport or holder of valid ethiopian origin id card, you can send notarized document of power of attorney directly to the consulate general. If not, your power of attorney document should be authenticated by your state office and then departement of state. Ethiopia embassy and consulate information provided by passports and we are a nationally recognized us passport and visa service by the washington post, new york times and usa today. Our team has been getting passports and visas for travelers. Such as to ethiopia.

Powers of attorney may be written in english or in amharic. Click here to see a sample power of attorney in amharic. The agent must take the power of attorney to ministry of foreign affairs of ethiopia for authentication and to the documents authentication and registration office for registration before presenting it to the concerned body. A document notarized by a notary public and authenticated by the department of foreign affairs canada. Legalization section. Addressed express prepaid return envelope must be attached when an application is submitted by mail.

Your power of attorney will not be valid until you sign it in front of a notary public. Please refer the ethiopian embassy web site for the steps and procedures needed to authenticate your document. Adoption an ethiopian child.