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Product features carry two type box magazines. Numrich gun parts corporation, america. S leading supplier of current and obsolete gun parts, accessories, and military surplus since.

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Rated 5 out of 5 by mainewolf. From stock magazine for kel. Tec rfb thermold 20 rd fn. Fal metric magazines are the magazines included when you but the kel. 20 round black zytel nylon magazine for fn. Fal metric pattern rifle 7. The newly designed fn. Fal magazine fits the kel.

Fn fal rifles produced in belgium were adopted by the greek army before the adoption of hk g3a3s rifles produced under license by hellenic arms industry. For a few years, fn fal rifles were also produced under license by the greek pyrkal. This video shows the performance of our recently released fn. Fal metric 20rd magazines. They are available for sale at.

Win 20rd metric steel body. Heavy duty construction, high quality aftermarket mags. Listed price reflects a discount for check or money order. Steel magazines keep your metric. Pattern fn fal running by offering you an affordable option to the few remaining surplus fal magazines on the market.

Manufactured from premium raw materials in a production facility that holds several foreign military contracts, the fal magazine is designed to hold and feed 20 round of 7. 62x51mm nato ammunition to your fn fal and its many metric variants. And unlike some of the other new fal magazines on the market, ours actually work. So much so that we are offering a. Percent satisfaction guarantee. Magazines and accessories. Filter your results.

John and i quickly discuss and go over the differences between the fn fal metric and inch magazines. I am a little surprised on the simplicity of the metric magazine but john assures me he has not. Ds arms is a quality firearms manufacturer specializing in the fal rifle, ar15 rifle and rpd rifle and latest parts accessories.