Raleigh Technium Pro Road Bike

I agree with the info above but value and what it will sell for are completely different. I sold my raleigh technium tri. Lite road bike in decent shape with dave scott bars. A couple of days ago for. Raleigh technium pro, easton e9, all shimano. 2x7 indexed including cranks, hubs and calipers except rear derailleur was upgraded to a modern. Rear derailleur to accommodate an oversize 7 speed cassette.

Pegoretti marcelo by cyclingtips. In the latest edition of bikes of the bunch we feature a steel. Framed pegoretti marcelo, owned by a cyclist in the us and bought through the californian bike shop above category. A few miles from home, i spotted a drop. Bar road bike leaning against some junk by the road. As i got closer i saw an instantly recognizable raleigh headbadge. I stopped and examined the bike, a.

So i just picked up a bike on craigslist that says raleigh usa technium pro on it. It also has a marking near the crank that says easton e9. Just got this guy, raliegh technium tri. Then gave my friend a 12 pack of beer and we. Got to work on it yesterday. S see what was going on. Of course i forgot the before pictures. Rear derailure didn. T want to shift well, soaked it in wd40, fixed.

I have a vintage raleigh pro technium 54cm road bike. It is a fourteen spd, with shimano. Selling my beautiful raleigh technium road bike. It is internally cable routed, has brand new tires, and the paint is in amazing shape.

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