Gharkul Blackfang 1D4Chan

Gharkul blackfang was a powerful ork warlord during the time of the great crusade. Gharkul was a massive black. Skinned ork possessed of a great cunning. His stronghold was the planet of gyros. Which would become the site of one of the imperium. S greatest victories of the great crusade. Re thinking of gharkul blackfang and his forces. Gorro was decidedly worse in ork tech and imperium. Custodes casualties.

Done a little more work to this massive ork warlord who is going to lead thousands of orks against the might of the emperor and his custodes. The emperor of mankind did not have trouble with blackfang. Horus, dorn, and mortarion did. They were getting stomped. Then the emperor of mankind showed up with the custodes and just went on a killing spree, ending with decapitating blackfang atop his own gargant like a biiiiiiiiiitch.

Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you. No adverts like this in the forums anymore. Times and dates in your local timezone. The emperor stomped on blackfang, which means we don. T know how powerful he was. It would have taken the emperor himself to deal with the beast too considering that a primarch wasn.

Gharkul blackfang was an overfiend of charadon of particular size, fearsome intelligence and brutal cunning. The older he got, the more sly he became, and the harder to kill. The eldar were set to nip his burgeoning empire in the bud, when vileth dethroned the young king, and sparked the. Year long kin strife. I bet you think you know a lot of ork warbosses. Lore via our sister. The warboss is the highest position in a large ork waaagh. He is always the biggest, strongest and most cunning ork in any given grouping of such creatures, and gets the best armour, weapons, and equipment.

Theys are a weak buncha gitz in yurop. Ghazghull mag uruk thraka, the beast of armageddon, is the warlord of one of the largest ork waaagh. My primarch spoke highly of captain loken during the campaign against the ork empire of gharkul blackfang, he was very impressed by the captain. S actions during the battle of gyros. After such endorsement no one could doubt the captain. S worth, and abaddon went to find his fellow luna wolf.

Attention adept of the lexicanum. This article is being created or revised. Please consider this before you edit this text. Gharkul blackfang is perhaps the most powerful ork ever encountered by the imperium to date. He was a warlord of colossal size, unmatched brutality, tenacity, and was the ruler of one of the largest ork empires ever seen. He was likely from the blood axes klan as he was a master tactician, relying often on ambushing the enemy. He defeated the combined forces of horus.

Ve seen on blackfang has never mentioned this. Fic profile on blackfang being passed around as canon. S gharkul he was the size of a imperial knight. Crusade era, back when the blood axes ran the ork empires. He outmaneuvered horus, dorn, and mortarion. Beat mortarion, then dorn and horus too. The emperor himself had to come and save them. E kill him ultimately. He is the ork all these new war bosses only can dream of being.