Nos Amperex El84

Comm เป็นหลอด triode pentode. Looking for a tube not listed. Email us at worldtubecompany.

Welcome to over 50 articles on amplifiers, tube. Based preamps, crossovers, headphone amplifiers. I, ve had this amp for 2 years now, the tubes in this are chinese, they sound ok but after i replaced the power tubes with soviet era nos 6p14p, made in.

Gz34 tube types are in stock and ready to ship. Tech info and modifications for orange amps disclaimer. Do not try to modify an amp unless you are really familiar with. Lethal voltages, electronics, amp electronics in particular.

Decent general purpose 12au7. Good for most audio and other. This page lists tubes we are buying and current bidlist prices we are paying. This is not a page of tubes we have for sale. Did you get to this page by mistake.

Your one stop for nos tubes. Feedback received from customer on psvane 12ax7. I was very happy with the psvane 12ax7. T compared to the nos electrohome 12ax7 which is canadian. Produced tube that closely resembles amperex buggle boy.

Brent jessee recording supply, inc. West algonquin road. Hoffman estates, il. Радиолампы аналоги и характеристики, 12ax7, 12au7, , 6l6gc, wxt, el34, 6h30pi, , kt88, kt90, kt.