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Science antiquities minister to announce new significant luxor archaeological discovery. Antiquities minister khaled al. Anany arrived in luxor on saturday for a two. Day visit as he prepares to announce sunday the details of a new archaeological discovery amid the tombs of the nobility of the pharaohs in the assasif cemetery in. In arabo الربيع العربي al. Si intende un termine di origine giornalistica utilizzato per lo più dai media occidentali per indicare una serie di proteste ed agitazioni cominciate tra la fine del.

Le forze armate egiziane hanno rivolto un ultimatum al presidente della repubblica, dopo giorni di crescenti manifestazioni d. Insofferenza verso il governo dei fratelli musulmani, imponendo a mohamed morsi di avviare a soluzione entro 48 ore la gravissima crisi politica e finanziaria che si trascinava da tempo nel paese. Sob pressão militar e política do governador do otomano midate paxá, o governante tribal al. Se ao domínio otomano em.

Live streams 4u the best high quality iptv server availible in all countries. Iptv sports and movies channels and 24. 7 live support is live streams 4u the original iptv provider. Kaum jemand hat es bemerkt. Administration hat still und leise die lang gehegte position der vereinigten staaten von amerika in bezug auf syriens strategische golanhöhen geändert, während die aufmerksamkeit auf den lärmenden politischen karneval in washington gerichtet war.

Re streaming faqs how it work and pricing. We can provide our channels for re. Yes you can have any of our channels and you can start your own server iptv now with re streaming solution geantsat service. For russia from turkey with enough love to last until the great war imran n. Hosein turkish president erdogan is, of course, quite correct that there was us. Involvement in the attempted coup against his government.

Business today oman business magazine. Clinton firth, cybersecurity leader. Mena, ey, says oman. S heavy investment in cyber education and training makes it a strategic location for establishing the company. S mena digital security operations center. 13 egyptian protests were part of a large scale popular uprising in egypt against then. President mohamed morsi. Millions of protesters began protesting against morsi, after his government announced a temporary constitutional declaration that in effect granted the president unlimited powers.

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President abdel fattah al. S government maintained its zero. Tolerance policy towards dissent, introducing repressive legislation, notably a nongovernmental organization. Continuando a occuparci della situazione in medio oriente, dobbiamo notare che molto ribolle negli emirati ma sulla stampa cartacea se ne parla poco.

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Die revolution in ägypten. Arabisch ثورة 25 يناير, thawret 25 yanāyir. War ein durch die tunesische jasminrevolution inspirierter politischer umbruch in ägypten, bei dem massenproteste unterschiedlicher teile der ägyptischen bevölkerung eine rolle spielten. Middle east latest news. Breaking news on isis, the iranian threat, palestinians, israeli cooperation with arab states and more.