Battery Type D5318

Battery has a weird problem that i. Ve never encountered before with any battery. It has 5 capacity leds, and it goes in a weird pattern. Only three light up, the top, the middle and the bottom leds. The laptop seems to be affected by this too, as when it is inserted into the laptop the battery charging. Warning led malfunctions. Akku, austausch dell d. Laptop akkus vorrätig. Akku für dell laptop, austausch dell d. Notebook batterien mit niedrigem preis und 1 jahr garantie.

Battery get longer battery life and improved laptop performance with new dell inspiron d. Replacement battery. Battery is compatible with the dell inspiron. Inspiron xps gen 2 laptop models. Uses a battery type d. Two days ago, i disconnected the ac cable while the system was shutting down. Since then, the battery indicator flashes four times in orange and one in green.

Laptop battery is a 9. Cell battery pack the has an extra capacity charge holding capacity of. Mah, and an output voltage of 11. Dimensions of this laptop battery are 8. Artikel sind vorrätig. Bei diesem artikel handelt es sich um hochwertige zellen als austausch für ihren defekten oder gebrauchten dell. Batterie, sowie auch als zusätzlicher ersatz für unterwegs geeignet.

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