Lotus Notes Wiedervorlage Document Is From A Different Database

Einige user erhalten bei der nutzung von wiedervorlagen eine fehlermeldung. Document is from a different database. Diese fehlermeldung erscheint beim aktivieren einer wiedervorlage, dann wenn der user das datum zur wiedervorlage gesetzt hat und mit ok bestÃĪtigt. While attempting to modify a follow. Up setting while a memo is open can result in the warning. Document is from a different database. Resolving the problem this issue has been reported to quality engineering under software problem report.

Lotus notes programming. And need to implement linking between 2 document types. Residing in different databases. Can reference several documents of type. Copying data from one database to another when fields don. Action would be perfect if the fields matched. Unfortunately they don. T, and there is a lot of existing data in both databases so i can.

This button allows you to get a view from database2 and open its documents from a document in database 1. Action button in a document in database1. Dim wk as new notesuiworkspace dim s as new notessession dim doc as notesdocument, doc90 as notesdocument dim uidoc as. How can you use lotusscript to open a document in ibm notes, based on a field value or input from a user. The following lotusscript sample script shows a basic approach on how to accomplish this.

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Ibm notes or lotus notes is a widely used desktop. Based email application in a corporate world. It is the most secure email application that a user can use for exchange of information. The database, privdb has information that i want to secure, but would like to pull a couple of views out for public display. When i create a repeat in using view, it will not display any data.

Try that with two different fields on one record. Now, each item on a note is itself a compound object with a number of properties. To see this, select any document in a notes view. Click the right mouse button and choose the. Tab from document properties. How to migrate ibm notes notebook to microsoft onenote i. M afraid that onenote is very limited in how it takes in data. I assumed it had to be able to import something, if nothing else html, but it doesn.